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Kiting Safety

We've all heard the story of Benjamin Franklin flying a kite in a thunderstorm to discover electricity. Now that we better understand the dangers involved, we just don't fly kites in thunderstorms! Here are a few tips to keep your day of kiting safe and pleasant.
  1. If there are dark clouds nearby, or if you can hear thunder or see lightning, DO NOT FLY YOUR KITE, even if the lightning seems far away from you.

  2. Do not fly your kite near power lines. Even if the power lines are behind you, the wind can always shift direction and create a dangerous situation.

  3. If you are flying in a public area, like the beach, avoid flying your kite directly over people. Be aware that the wind can always change or fail, and if your kite falls, it could hurt someone on the ground.

  4. Do not fly close to, or over, roads.

  5. Always be aware of what's behind you. If you have to run to keep your kite up in the air, look at the ground in front of you and not at the kite behind you.

  6. The instructions that came with your kite indicate a recommended wind range. Do not fly your kite in winds that are stronger than the manufacturer's recommendation. Usually 20 to 25 mile-an-hour wind is the max limit. Before you take your kite out, check the wind conditions in your area by checking or another reputable source.

  7. Be safe, and have fun!

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