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Flexifoil Kitesports Stranger

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Flexifoil Kitesports Stranger kite
Flexifoil Kitesports Stranger kite
Flexifoil Kitesports Stranger kite

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Kite Made by:

  Flexifoil Kitesports

Stranger Kite Weight:
10.2 oz (290 g)

Stranger Kite Dimensions:
98.5 x 42.5 in (250 x 108 cm)

Stranger Wind Range:
4-20 mph (7-32 kph)

Skill level: Intermediate to expert

Stranger Sail Material:
Chikara ripstop nylon

Stranger Kite Frame:
6 mm carbon fibre tube

Kite Line Recommended:
150 lb x 80 ft (25 m x 70 kg)

The Stranger Kite Package Includes:
Includes carry bag, instructions, and video
The Flexifoil Stranger is a great freestyle trick kite; it's designed to recover from positions you wouldn?t expect, allowing you to throw the kite around without worrying so much about the ground. After a few tries at axles and other tricks, your anticipation of the recovery allows for complete control of tumbling, cascades and more. Essential to have at least one in your collection.

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