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Prism Kites E2

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Prism Kites E2 kite
Prism Kites E2 kite
Prism Kites E2 kite
Prism Kites E2 kite

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Kite Made by:

  Prism Kites

E2 Kite Dimensions:
91 inch wingspan

E2 Wind Range:
3-25 mph

Skill level: Beginner to advanced

Kite Wing Loading:
1.12 oz/sq ft

Kite Line Recommended:
150 lb x 85 ft (included)

The E2 Kite Package Includes:
  • 150 lb x 85 ft pure Spectra line
  • Prism polycarbonate winder
  • Duos flight straps
  • Prism Freestyle Pilot instructional DVD
  • Deluxe travel sleeve

Now a steadfast favorite, the Prism E2 is an easy-to-fly beginner stunt kite designed with the agility of a high-end competition kite. The E2 is capable of a wide range of kite tricks, but its easy-to-handle flight characteristics provide the perfect launching point for anyone just getting into stunt kites. As your comfort-level increases, the E2 stays one step ahead of you, always capable of performing tricks you've seen but never attempted. And to help the learning process along, the Prism Freestyle Pilot instructional DVD comes included, and can reliably take you to an intermediate skill level and beyond. Break-down the basics of stunt kite flight, realize the subtleties of control and performance, and hone your skills with a premium piece of flight technology: the Prism E2.

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