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Prism Quantum Pro Stunt Kite

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Prism Kites Quantum Pro kite
Prism Kites Quantum Pro kite
Prism Kites Quantum Pro kite
Prism Kites Quantum Pro kite
Prism Kites Quantum Pro kite

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Quantum Pro

Kite Made by:

  Prism Kites

Quantum Pro Kite Weight:
12 oz (373 g)

Quantum Pro Kite Dimensions:
91 x 39 in (231 x 99 cm)

Quantum Pro Kite Bridle:

Quantum Pro Wind Range:
3-20 mph

Skill level: Advanced

Quantum Pro Sail Material:
Mylar and Polyester

Quantum Pro Kite Frame:
Sky Shark P200 and 5PT wrapped carbon

Kite Line Recommended:
90-150 lb x 75-125 ft (not included)

The Quantum Pro Kite Package Includes:
  • Draw-string kite sleeve
  • Yo-yo stopper kit
  • Adjustable leech line

A true balance of form and function, the famed Prism Quantum Pro stunt kite was originally released in 2005 and currently holds multiple World Kite Titles.

This beautiful stunt kite pushes the edges of technology and design, and is optimized for ultimate flight performance.

A tapered carbon frame and meticulously shaped polyester wing give it instant response and jaw-dropping precision as well as a stunning look for a stunt kite. The multi-level yo-yo stopper assembly adds an ease to its stunt trick-ability that makes roll-up maneuvers tight and clean.

The optional Micro-adjustable Tuned Kite Ballast system lets you dial the center of gravity forward or back for your trick style. This Prism stunt kite represents state-of-the-art technology for the serious stunt kite enthusiast.

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