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Prism Snapshot 1.2 Parafoil Kite

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Prism Kites Snapshot 1.2 kite
Prism Kites Snapshot 1.2 kite
Prism Kites Snapshot 1.2 kite

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Snapshot 1.2

Kite Made by:

  Prism Kites

Snapshot 1.2 Kite Dimensions:
48 x 20 inches (0.6 sq m)

Snapshot 1.2 Wind Range:
6-25 mph

Skill level: Beginner to intermediate

Snapshot 1.2 Sail Material:
Ripstop nylon

Kite Line Recommended:
100 lb x 75 ft Spectra (included)

The Snapshot 1.2 Kite Package Includes:
  • 100 lb x 75 ft kite lines
  • Prism kite straps
  • Polycarbonate winder
  • Streamer kite tail
  • Drawstring carry-pouch with a snap-down flap

This attractive parafoil was designed with the beginner in mind, but includes technology that will impress seasoned pilots. The Snapshot's design reduces drag for optimum speed and acceleration, so when the wind picks up, hold on tight! This compact kite package includes everything you need, and literally comes ready to fly out of the pouch. Stores easily and fits just about anywhere so you'll always be ready to fly.

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