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Revolution JB Series

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Revolution Kites JB Series kite
Revolution Kites JB Series kite
Revolution Kites JB Series kite
Revolution Kites JB Series kite
Revolution Kites JB Series kite

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JB Series

Kite Made by:

  Revolution Kites

JB Series Kite Dimensions:
91 in span

JB Series Wind Range:
3-10 mph (2 wrap frame), 4-16 mph (3 wrap frame), 6-20 mph (3 wrap frame w/2 wrap LE)

Skill level: Intermediate to expert

JB Series Kite Frame:
Convertible: 2-wrap (super ultralight) 1/4" spars, and 3-wrap (ultralight) 1/4" spars

Kite Line Recommended:
90 lb x 120 ft (not included)

The JB Series Kite Package Includes:
  • Two quad kite framesets (1 super ultralight, and 1 ultralight)
  • 13 inch quad kite handles with pre-tied adjustment knot system
  • Kite ballast (two 2-gram lead weights)
  • JB-Series informational DVD

This high-performance quad line package is based on the original Rev 1.5 design, with modifications introduced by John Barresi to maximize the kite's precision and versatility in flight.

Two complete kite frames are included with this package: one ultralight (UL), and one super ultralight (SUL), which you can mix and match based on wind conditions or your own mood. When the wind is up, just slide your SUL leading edge in parallel with the UL leading edge and keep flying.

The quad framesets alone give you the versatility of three different kites, but the JB Series also includes a weight kit: 2 gram lead weights that fit nicely into the end of the kite's spars. These little weights can make all the difference in what you can do with a quad kite. Finally, you get control and trick-ability in the same package--one step closer to a perfect world!

Pre-knotted adjustable quad line flight handles are included, along with the B-series DVD to get you started and highlight some of your new kite's capabilities. Whether you are looking to be competitive with kites, or to just play with your favorite kite all day long, this quad line package has everything you need.

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